About us

Xiangshui Fumei Chemical Co., Ltd.
Xiangshui Fumei Chemical Co., Ltd., a China fine chemicals maker and supplier, started the business in 1999, is famous for manufacturing phenol derivatives, aromatic acid, cresol(m cresol), xylenol(2 6 xylenol), ethyl phenol ,butyl phenol and other alkylation products. Over the 10 years' development, Our Company now have advanced production technology, production equipment, sophisticated detection equipment, product quality and after-sales service. All products produced in our high-tech factory have been awarded ISO9001 certificate, IS014000 certificate and SGS certificate.

Hot products

    1. Sodium Xylene Sulfonate 1007

      Product name: Sodium xylene sulfonate
      Product code: 1007
      CAS No: 1300-72-7
      Molecular formula: C8H9NaO3S

    1. Sodium Cumenesulfonate 1011

      Product name: Sodium Cumenesulfonate
      Product code: 1011
      CAS No: 28348-53-0
      Molecular formula: C9H11NaO3S

    1. p-Phenolsulfonic Acid 1012

      Product name: p-Phenolsulfonic Acid
      Product code: 1012
      CAS No: 98-67-9.
      Molecular formula: C6H6O4S

    1. Cresols Mixture

      Product name: Cresols Mixture
      Product code: 2032
      IUPAC name: Cresol Mixed
      CAS No: 1319-77-3
      Molecular formula: C7H8O